Europa Design Emporium

Business Owners and Designers:

  • Zaitoon Ebrahim
  • Ganeefa Ismail Moos
  • Gafieza Ismail Le Chat
  • Noorjehaan Ismail
  • Wagiedah Ismail


The name Europa was inspired by the moon of Jupiter who embodies the essence of mankind.  It has a solid, rough exterior and water below its surface. As we know, water is the primary natural resource that sustains life and one of the primary sources of giving birth to new life. It is one of the only resources that man cannot recreate. It is also known that without water, man cannot survive. This inspired us to name our design label Europa.

The initial ranges will cater for women at every point in their lives, specifically looking at young woman who has the desire to dress modestly and fashionably. It includes the young individual ranging from 17 years to 35 years. The range caters for modest women

Our Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to create sophisticated clothing that appeals to the young
individual whose lifestyle is both modern, modest and is inspired by a high quality
of living. Our brand aims to be creative, inventive, vibrant and full of life.

The Designers

Growing up in a family bustling with creativity and who has background in designing and sewing, we have always had a desire to start our own label. However, along the line we were sidetracked and followed other ventures. Pursuing careers in introduction to pattern cutting, events planning, education and psychology, we have now decided to combine out talents and start Europa. Each of the 4 sisters/designers combining their various tastes and elements to the designs.




Our Designs is an extension of our 4 different personalities which equals